Blending Traditional & Contemporary Chiropractic

Traditional chiropractic, “crack” or a cavitation is just a small component to the overall experience. Sometimes more contemporary methods are used, such as using an instrument to precisely and gently restore range of motion without a required cavitation. We use Sacra-Occipital techniques with wedge shaped blocks to gently correct your posture.


Customized rehydration programs for degenerative discs.

Our unique plans to rehydrate damaged or degenerating intervertebral discs. In so doing, the outcomes are easing tingling burning sensations that are known as radicular symptoms.  Tingling and numbness in fingers or sciatica are primarily due to imbrication upon the nerve roots causing them to be irritated and inflamed. Our Flexion & Distraction therapy married with cold laser and take home wobble chair or traction exercises put you in charge of your arthritis. Providing common sense solutions to managing osteoarthritis.


Applied Kinesiology aka Muscle Testing

Muscle testing has become well recognized internationally but not so in this country. Muscle testing uses the premise that there are “three T’s to disease”. Trauma, Toxins & Thoughts!  Each major muscle is associated with a particular organ or gland. Most of the time weak muscles will strengthen with an adjustment.  Sometimes metabolic (toxins) and or mental emotional (thoughts) can cause physical symptoms.  Applied Kinesiology differentiates your sources of symptoms.


Dry Needle Acupuncture

What do muscle spasms, tendonitis, bursitis all have dysfunctional?  These tissues when inflamed create an energy crisis by which normal blood flow is inhibited.  It takes more energy for a muscle to relax or elongate than it does for it remain tight. The orthopedic needle aka dry needle seeks to restore blood supply at the site of puncture. Some tissues like tendons and meniscus and bursa which are very avascular or lack a blood source respond well to dry needles.  When these tissues have blood they have oxygen and nutrients to repair and heal, sometimes one treatment can yield complete resolution.  For several years, patients have been traveling from around the state & country to have dry needling done on their scar tissues. Our unique approach of dry needling, essential oils and cold laser has demonstrated real results in releasing and reabsorbing scar tissue.


Biomeridian Analysis

Biomeridian analysis is a technology, FDA cleared, to measure the conductivity of your energy pathways called meridians as known in eastern medicine. Inflammation or stagnation in organs and glands inhibit the flow energy in the meridians. Each meridian is associated with an organ’s functionality. Prescriptions of food, how novel a concept. Graphs depict and tract your progress as you go from destressing to ultimately shifting organ physiology.


Massage CO-OP

Here therapist have a place they can have a private practice.  They have an opportunty to see patients referred into the co-op and still get paid better than at the spas and chain massage centers.  Here we ask the therapists to be here is serve the needs of the patients first but also assist in the operations too.  Our intention is delivers highest level of therapeatics, no fluff and buff!  Quality body work delivered with energy that heals.