Holy Cross: Testimonials

Thank you to  all of our clients

"Dr. Davis has been an integral part of my therapy for degenerative disc disease in my back and shoulder as well as spondylolisthesis in my L5 to S1 . If it wasn't for his creativity in trying new and alternative therapies, I'd have much more pain on an on-going basis. With his help, I am down to an every two week "tune up" which keeps me mobile and functioning in my daily activities. I would strongly encourage anyone who asked me to try Dr. Davis, it is personal attention, with the willingness to think outside of the box, that keeps me coming back! "

Betty White


"About a year ago I started having trouble with my knee. There were times that I would really push myself when I was biking and skiing and this was when the pain would flare up. I went in to see my doctor and he suggested that I ice my knee and apply a therapeutic gel to it twice a day. I did this with little change in the pain. Since there was no change in my knee pain I decided that I would go to Back to Wellness and see Christopher Davis. He provided acupuncture with moxibustion as well as cold laser therapy and the results were amazing. After my first visit my knee had improved to 50% and then after 2 more subsequent visits it had improved to ~85-90%. I am now able to ski and bike without pain. Since the treatments I have even been able to participate in endurance bike racing, pain free. I would highly recommend Christopher Davis not only for your chiropractic needs, but for any type of pain."

Matthew Van Beek


Wow! I just experienced the Koren method of treatment by Dr Chris. I've been using to Holy Cross Chiropractic for about 2 years now. I always feel 100% after a session, but this last one with Koren there was a noticeable difference. He also picked up on some peripheral issues which were Cranial adjustments that released tension in my Sinuses and Jaw that I didn't even realize was there. I have chronic pain in several locations due to past injuries. Since seeing Dr Chris he has corrected the repetitive pain cycle to resolve an excruciating pain in my neck to shoulder. His ability to use different methods to get my muscles functioning properly and spine in good shape have been key to my pain reduction that nobody else could accomplish. PT was helpful and necessary but did not get me to the comfort level that I got Here. When utilizing cutting edge methods like used here I recommend just relaxing and letting it work. You can try to understand Why it works later.

- Kelly S Gypsum